• If you want to study, work or marry someone abroad, in some foreign countries you may need an internationally certified copy of one or more Hungarian documents.

  • The international legalization of a Hungarian document may take place either via apostille legalization or embassy attestation, depending on the country of use.

  • Obtaining the apostille certificate and the embassy attestation can be a rather time-consuming and costly process.

Hungarian Apostille Service to provides fast and secure

international legalization for its customers at prices affordable for everyone.


Legalization of Hungarian documents with apostille for foreign use. Diplomas, certificate of good conduct, corporate extracts and many other documents with full administration.


Embassy Attestation of Hungarian documents for foreign use in countries that are not party to the Apostille Convention. Diplomas, good conduct certificates, corporate extracts and many other documents with full administration.


If the translation of the document is required to complete the legalization process or otherwise you request, we will get the document translated with our partners in the framework of our complete services. We also arrange for OFFI translation.


At your request, we will guide you through the maze of legalization. Based on the documents and data you submit, we provide written information about the course of the certification, the bodies involved in the certification and their opening hours.


We can also help you if you need to incorporate your document in a notarial deed or if you need a certified notarial copy of the document.



If you need to legalize a document that is in your possession, we can also arrange for the document to be collected from you and delivered to us upon your request.

The documents are collected by our courier service partner.


We can purchase some of the documents for you. Such documents include in particular: corporate extract, corporate copy, title deed and, in some cases, birth certificate.


The legalized documents are delivered by courier service to our Clients. This allows quick and safe delivery of the documents as well as tracking of the package during transportation. We deliver documents almost worldwide.

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